Thursday, February 23, 2012

Yarn, Yarn and MORE YARN!!!

So there is a show on A&E called "Hoarding - Buried Alive". I've decided that soon I will need my own reality show to be entitled "Crocheting - Buried YARN" I'm sure it will have more viewers than the Super Bowl. I can see it now: $1 million for people to air their 30 second commercials during my show. Did I mention my mind wanders??? No, but seriously I've been to Joann Fabrics 3 times this week (it's Thursday), they practically know me by name. But I can't help it they have a huge yarn selection. On the plus side that means that I'm getting orders for hats and thus need to go and buy yarn. But the dark side to crocheting that they don't warn you about it high school while they are discussing the other addictive drugs is the VERY QUICK accumulation of yarn that you build up. 

I JUST started crocheting about a month or so ago and already I could overflow fill 3 Abercrombie & Fitch retail bags. You know the ones I'm talking about ladies the one with the super hot semi-naked LEGAL (or so I like to believe) young man on the front without a t-shirt but fully equipped with  a washboard stomach. Anyone have some laundry to wash on his stomach?? I'm sure the clothes would be cleaner than ever. However, I have a feeling that they would smell strongly of cologne. Can't you smell it??

What was I talking about again?? Oh yeah YARN!! So I have a lot of yarn and I'm really at a loss on how to organize it properly. I've seen some cute things on Pinterest but I don't really have a desire to run out and buy a nice large cherry wood wine rack to display my beautiful yarn....not yet anyway. Give it time though, I'm sure I will go off the deep end by this weekend. All of my yarn is scattered into bags and my side of the bedroom is starting to get cluttered. I'm not even sure what yarn I have, which makes it worse because then I just buy more at Joann's. Vicious cycle. 

If any of you have any ideas I would love it if you would post a comment!! Hell I would love it if you would just post a comment anyways!! I'm desperate for your approval....just kidding....kind of. 

Ok so on another note I just received my new business cards in. I'm OFFICIAL now. What do you think. I'm impressed, it's just a bummer that I didn't have the really pretty picture of the baby in my Elf Hat before I placed the order. Oh well.

Aren't they pretty?? I'm going to stand out in front of the grocery stores and start handing them out and bug people like those boy scouts do! Who am I kidding, I'll just end up walking in and buying cookies or cupcakes or something else I shouldn't be eating. Mmmmmm...cupcakes!!!

Once again I lost my train of thought. Oh yeah, business cards. Too many distractions with half naked barely legal men and cupcakes. That's a LETHAL combo!! I should stop before I end up on "To Catch a Predator"

Hasta la Bye Bye.


  1. Do you remember when i hung the Abercrombie bag on my wall.... yum...mmmmmmmmmmmy

    What about those clear shoe boxes and label buy color??? martha stuart has come REALLY cute labels @ staples

    Also I LOVE LOVE LOVE the business cards.

  2. Amber - you are just TOO cute! Thx for the pattern for the great infant hat w/flower on it. I whipped that up in an afternoon for my granddaughter who was just born THIS MORNING at 2:57 am. I was so impressed how beautiful the flower came out!! Can't wait to make more.

    1. That's great. Feel free to post pictures on my Facebook page. I would love to see!