Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Newest Projects

 I've been missing a while. I was kidnapped by some Channing Tatum lookalikes and forced to be their Queen. It's been horrible. No actually I've just been super busy. But I really wish the former was the truth. I've been working on some hammocks for the photographer I work with. I'm in love with these hammocks. They are so big and adorable. The pictures aren't the greatest, but hey I'm a Crocheter not a Photographer! I've also done a couple of dresses and some other miscellaneous stuff for her. I can't wait to show her. I get all warm and fuzzy inside when people are happy with my work. I'm convinced I'm part puppy and I thrive on a metaphorical pat of the head. No belly rubs though that's just creepy. 

Aren't they so cute. Fake baby of course! I would like to give a shout out to my daughter who graciously lent me one of her MANY baby dolls for the photos. These are the fringe hammocks I have made. I also made a pink one and a red one. Sorry no pictures but you get the idea. 

I also decided to make a couple of dog sweaters. You know, because it gets so cold in Texas during the summer!! And no matter how much my dogs try to convince me otherwise I just know that they love when I dress them!! 

My latest project is the Star Wars themed hats for my boss' sons. They are going to die. I am still working on the Stormtrooper one, but here are the R2D2 and Yoda ones.