About Me

I'm a full-time working mother of 2 wonderful children. I live in Katy Texas which is a suburb outside of Houston. I love to craft although I don't really consider myself creative. If you check out my first couple of posts on this blog you will see why I AM "The Flighty Crafter". I like to dabble in a lot of different things and right now I am totally into crocheting. You can make the sweetest little things with just a hook and some yarn. People laugh at me when I tell them about a new project I have going on but have come to expect that from me. I recently started writing my own patterns and LOVE it!! It's nice to know that it's completely my work. Feel free to use my patterns and to sell any finished work you may create. After all you put in the manual labor to make it!! But I do ask that you PLEASE link back to my page to give credit where credit is due. Thank you.

 Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you enjoy what you read and see.

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