Thursday, February 16, 2012

Slouchy Beanie Pattern

So I decided to post a pattern for a crochet slouchy beanie. I didn't come up with the pattern though I did write it so that those of you who CAN read a crochet pattern will be able to do this. I want to give TOTAL credit for this beanie to Youtube User - TraceyBeauty for posting the video of how to make this cute and easy beanie.

To watch the video of how Tracey does it:  Slouchy Beanie Video Tutorial

I will finish making the beanie tonight and will update this post with the finished product. But here you go for the pattern:

Slouchy Beanie

I (5.5mm) Crochet Hook
4-ply worsted weight yarn – any color you like

Stitches Used & Abbreviations:
Chain Stitch – ch
Single Crochet - sc
Slip Stitch – sl st
Double Crochet – dc
Front Post Double Crochet – fpdc
Back Post Double Crochet – bpdc
*If you need help with these stitches check out these videos:
                 1. Basic Stitches
                 2. fpdc/bpdc Stitches

Ch. 52 (check head size to make sure it fits properly)
R1: SC to join, ch. 3, dc in every stitch
R2: Sl St to join, ch. 3, *fpdc, bpdc* repeat, Sl St to join
R3-R5: Repeat R2
R6: Ch. 3, *dc in next stitch, 2dc in next stitch* repeat, Sl St to join
R7-R8: Repeat R6
R9: Ch. 3, dc in every stitch, Sl St to join
R10: Ch. 3, dc in every other stitch (skip one stitch), sl st to join
R11: Ch. 3, dc in each, sl st to join
R12 to end: Ch. 2, sc in every THIRD stitch until the hat closes
SC across big gap to close hat, tie off

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