Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Newest Crochet Venture

"The term is Flighty Crafter."

"Can you use it in a sentence??"

"Amber is a Flighty Crafter because she keeps changing her crafts."

Ok so this isn't a spelling bee, but I just wanted to reiterate why I am...well you know. So I had a EUREKA moment!! Literally just now!! I was thinking about why I am so "flighty" and I came to the conclusion that's it's not so much that I get really bored but more that I want instant gratification. Sometimes that means a full stockpile from couponing, sometimes that means success from dog treat making and sometimes it means others purchasing hats from me. I kept slightly burning (a.k.a. Cajun Style) the dog treats which frustrated me. With crochet I can finish a project in a couple of hours. That means I get satisfaction fairly quickly and that is always good. This is hard for me to admit but I CAN'T do everything perfectly. I know somewhere my mother is reading this and laughing because she can relate to my frustration of not being the best all the time. Maybe it's more about acceptance...I'm jotting that down to discuss with my therapist next time. Maybe it's me having an anal personality (Mom, please stop laughing so loud). I'm going to go with that one the most. Criticism is very difficult for me to take. I either get angry and defensive or I cry. Just in case you didn't know I can be a bit of a crier. I'm jotting that one down too for my therapist. Not like she doesn't know, I'm constantly grabbing a tissue. Since criticism is difficult to take, it only makes sense that praise is something I LOVE!! I love to get a compliment on something I have done well or in my Flighty Crafter case MADE well. 

Crocheting well and people acknowledging that gives me that warm fuzzy feeling inside...the same feeling Hostess cupcakes give me. YEP, THAT GOOD!!! Sometimes I stumble over all of the flowers people are throwing at my feet....like I'm a celebrity or something. It's embarrassing, really. Ok back to reality. Seriously though, people are really liking these hats and I really enjoy making something that people enjoy. I made two kids and people enjoyed them but no one wanted to buy them for $25 like they do my hats, so thus I had to move on to another craft. One not so expensive!!! So a photographer friend/acquaintance of mine gave me the fantastic idea to contact photographers that specialize in newborn photography to see if they would be interested in my hats for session props. I did and they are!! I have gotten a few emails back from photographers asking for pictures and hopefully they will place some orders soon.

Who knows when I will find all the time to crochet these hats, but I love it so I will figure it out. Goodbye lunch breaks...hello crocheting (and money). I hope that my crochet business will continue to grow. I have several things on my list to crochet and I am planning on doing a show next month to help get my name out there. Things are definitely going in the right direction. Who knew this was going to happen from just watching one Youtube video. See how things can snowball for me?? That could be the OCD in me (jotting that down for the therapist as we speak). Either way I'm happy. YAY!! Happiness is good otherwise as you know....CRYING. So to all of you reading this who haven't bought a hat, the moral of the store is: BUY A HAT OR I WILL CRY. Something like that.

Here are the latest things I have made. ENJOY!!!

Hope you like them. I enjoyed making them. Spongebob was awesome!!

Over and out!

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