Monday, February 6, 2012

I'm GONNA be a Billionaire so freakin' soon...

Ok well maybe "soon" is jumping the gun a little. But with $100 in sales and $110 in purchase orders I'm ballin' son! Purchase orders...listen to me, like I have a big corporation I'm running. Well in the near future I will!! As my boss would say "You gotta have goals". Let's just hope my Flighty Crafter ways don't get the better of me. But that never happens, I mean it's not like it's the basis of my blog or anything.

So the reason my post is titled as it is (FYI - sung to the tune of Bruno Mars "Billionaire") is because I have several people interested and I'm even planning on reserving a booth for a show in March to take custom orders. I enjoy crocheting and the best part about the hats I'm doing is that people are giving me new ideas. My boss wants a Star Wars theme for his 3 boys. I'm so excited. They will make such cute characters. I'm thinking: Yoda, R2D2 and a Stormtrooper. AWESOME!!! I got a request for Spongebob which I'm looking forward to finishing so I can post photos. I've also started making cell phones sleeves.

I can see retirement in my near future. If only I could give up food and shelter I could retire right now. But alas I must have some luxuries in life...ya know like a roof over my head. I know, I know, high maintenance. I will have to work on that. For those of you that ACTUALLY know me you know I am way more high maintenance than that. Have you heard someone say "Oh no, I broke a nail" if so it was probably me...oh and I was probably frantically pushing you out of the way to get to the nail salon so that Lynn (yes of course that's her REAL name...sheesh) can fix it ASAP. This is no laughing matter. I have actually been in therapy and discussed the anxiety that I have felt trying to search for a new nail lady...not anyLynn will do. TRUE STORY!! But thankfully I have found someone and all is right in my world again...oh and my therapist put me on meds. Some problems need more than a crying session on a couch.

So back to my hats. I made several over the weekend and am pretty proud of myself because I didn't use any patterns I just saw a picture and copied it. BAM!! So what do you think???

Pretty impressive huh? I know I am. I love the little sleepy owl. My fav!!! Oh and my dog Winnie loved her dress, she could hardly contain her excitement!!! Isn't it obvious??? I think I'm getting better and I'm probably going to be doing some more dog clothes too. If only I had more time. That husband of mine needs to make a Lady of Leisure already!!! Ok, I just woke up from that dream. But if I'm running a crochet business I guess I still wouldn't be a Lady of Leisure. The truth is I actually like working. I was on vacation the last 2 weeks of the year and I hardly changed out of my jammies. I looked like one of those frumpy ladies on "How Do I Look?" that say "but I'm comfortable". I'm comfortable with my capri leggings that I bought for $8 at Target only to find out they had a hole. I had every intention of returning them for a non-ripped pair but I was consumed by COMFORT once I put them one. Once again...TRUE STORY!! So needless to say (even though I just gave you a pretty legitimate reason) I don't want to end up in a pajama blackhole.

Honestly I think I like jamming my life full of stuff to do, if I didn't have a million things to do I really don't know what would happen. Probably search for another craft. Huh, things are starting to become very clear now. I'M CRAZY!! Time to up the dosage....again!!!

I'm signing off now. Gotta go home and put on my capri leggings with the hole in them. It doesn't get better than that!! Oh and to give you a visual we have 2 dogs and 2 cats so let's just say I have fuzzy black pants. Sexy huh?? You know it!! Everyday I'm shufflin'!!!

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  1. LOL - your blog CRACKS me up!!!!! We sound alot alike!! LOVE IT!!!