Monday, January 30, 2012

New Developments for this Flighty Crafter

Happy Monday. Yeah right who am I kidding. Hey Monday you can stop showing your ugly face every week. I hate you. You make me roll my hot body out of bed after a leisurely weekend. Was that snickering I heard?? YES MY HOT BODY!! Did I stutter?? Ok so not nearly as hot as when I was 20 but that was a husband and 2 kids ago....and lots of cookies and macaroni & cheese. But this is a judge free zone people!! So moving on. 

I made some more hats this weekend. What else would I do?? I'm not bored with this craft yet so I'm churning these babies out like I'm a sweat shop. Too bad I don't work in one I assume they don't get cookies and macaroni while working, I would drop weight so fast!! Ok back to reality. So here are the pictures of my most recent hats. Aren't you impressed?? I am. I made the koala one pretty much without a pattern. I only used a basic pattern for the hat. All the facial features I did on my own. BOOM!!! Beat that ___________ (<---- enter someone who is well known for crocheting. There has to be someone...right??)

I'm working on a hat for my daughter right now. It's going to be a pink and purple owl hat, she's excited. Why wouldn't she be. It will be the best owl hat ever!! That is until I make my next owl hat. Oh and for those of you who are wondering, I'm not conceited - I'm confident. Yes, there's a difference....I don't really know what it is right now but I don't have time for that. I'm working on making the best freakin' crocheted hats on the planet, remember?!?!

So what new developments?? Well I'm glad you asked. I finished the koala hat and that may turn into more orders since it's for my friend Stella's daughter. The koala is her school's mascot. Fierce, right?? I wouldn't want to meet a koala in a dark alley, he might hug me to death!! So I have instructed Stella (HINT HINT) to spread the word and hopefully more people will think it's a cute idea and want one for their kids. Here's hoping.

The other new development is that there is a show coming up for local businesses to promote their businesses. It is the Spring Fling event here in Katy and I plan on attending to showcase my hats. I will have to make a lot to display and will hopefully sell those and get a lot of custom orders. Who knows. I'm dreaming big here. My goal is to retire in 6 months. Like I said BIG DREAMS, come on keep up people.

So on to some personal aspects of my life. This weekend was awesome for another reason. My old cleaning lady starts today and she came by yesterday so I could show her around the new place and so she could silently judge how dirty my house was. FYI I was watching Hoarders last night and my house looks spotless compared to them so now I don't feel so bad. But hey if my house wasn't a mess then why would I need a cleaning lady. That's a thinker!!! So not only is she cleaning but she will also be cooking. CAN'T. CONTAIN. EXCITEMENT!!!!! She will be coming over 3x a week to cook and clean, and she will be cooking 2 meals at a time that way even when she's not there I will still have a meal cooked. This make life so much easier plus leaves me more time to crochet and take care of the kids. Hmmm where did they go?? Slippery little suckers!! Just kidding no need to call CPS, keep them on standby you never know when I will need an extended break from the kiddos. KIDDING!!!

So it's finally donned on my that I should put a disclaimer in my blog. Here it is. If you are overly sensitive this is not the blog for you and you should probably move back in with your mommy. I'm sure she can find your bottle somewhere, you two will be very happy together. Ok there you go, sorry to post that disclaimer at the end. Hopefully your aren't sucking your thumb and rocking back and forth in a dark room.

Who am I kidding???? My blog is awesome and everyone will love it. Once again: CONFIDENCE. Autograph requests can be posted below in the comments.

Peace out home slice!!


  1. Love the disclaimer :)

    I mean...I am offended and I judge you!

    No, but really, your blog IS awesome. Just sayin'

  2. I wasn't Offended until the disclaimer!