Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why am I The Flighty Crafter???

This is my first attempt at blogging but I thought it would be fun to add something else to my long list of things to do. So to start I would like to say that I've always been a copycat crafter. Basically I see something, learn how to do it, then tweak it to make it my own. I remember being young and painting, oh and I'm not a good painter. I can doodle but even that's not up to a true doodler's standards. So let's list the crafts that I can remember starting (not in any order):

Painting - not very well

Knitting - I ended up with a piece that resembled a boot shape but not a boot. So in NO way was this functional. However, I have to say that this could have been the fact that I only took one knitting class and this pre-dated YouTube.

Chollipops - An idea for chocolate balls ("that's what she said" - sorry had to throw that in) on sticks. Never actually got past the fantastic name and some Internet searches for different shaped molds. Who knows I may fall back on that.

Couponing - Saw The Krazy Coupon Lady on The Nate Berkus show and decided that would be my next venture. I got some amazing deals but since I feel that you know me well enough by now to realize I'm flighty, it didn't last but for a few months. However, when asked I still say that I have stopped but need to get back into it. Yeah right. Who am I kidding. Who wants to clip all those coupons and save all that money when I have trillions of other crafts out there I haven't tried.

Clothing Designer - Decided in 8th grade this would be great and being a naive 8th grader felt that some designs on a notebook would make me the next Vera Wang. Not a bad idea....what ever happened to that notebook?? Hmmm, I may have to revisit that one.

Makeup Artist - I always liked makeup. I remember my first official introduction was my mother letting me have a wet n' wild compact and a light pink lipstick. But I quickly realized that wasn't going to cut it so I started sneaking some of my friend's lipstick which was a yucky shade of orange, that is until my mother busted me by finding the tissue I used to wipe it off before she found me. The I went through a phase where I wore brown eye liner as lip liner. Yikes!! By the time I got to high school though I was doing makeup for girls before school dances. See that craft showed real progress through the years. I still love makeup but my goal isn't to be a celebrity makeup artist.

Bow Making - I truly blame and thank YouTube for some of my Flighty Crafter problems. I started making bows for my daughter and she loved them so I kept making them. Then I got bored with it after a while. What else did you expect???

Dog Treat Making - Once again YouTube is the culprit on this one. My husband works in a pet store so it seemed like a good thing at the time. Honestly I can't say I'm done with this one. I still have every intention of getting back to that week...or the week after. Well, let's put a pin in it.

Event Planning - That's still on the list of current crafts but I'm not doing much with it. I guess I just don't want to put the necessary marketing $$$$ into it. So if it takes off then it does, if not I'm sure I can find another craft. That's what I do!!

Now to the best craft ever....because it's my current craft. They are all the best ever when I'm knee deep in them.

Crocheting - Where you ask??? I found a pin on Pinterest (oops I forgot Pinterest was a Flighty Craft too) for a crocheted child's beanie. So I decided to search on YouTube (where else????) and I found this fantastic teacher, Teresa who calls herself The Crochet Geek that shows you step by step how to crochet. So now I consider myself a step up from beginner since I can read a pattern without having to watch a video. Holla!!!!

So that's my Flighty Crafter summary so you trust that I deserve the right to use that name. If you have any more doubts I'm sure I can think of more flighty crafts of my past. I will be posting some pictures of my Flighty Crafter crafts so you have visual proof.


  1. Amber-you should get into caligraphy! You could make some big $$. You could charge a buck per wedding invitation. Just a suggestion LOL! I LOVE your blog. You are so funny! maybe you could do some comedy writing on the side. just sayin :)

    good luck!
    Ashley Brown Stokes

    1. Thanks Ash. I will give that a try once crocheting wears off. I will search YouTube.

  2. "That's what she said..."

    Best. Quote. EVER!!

    For real though, love the blog Amber!

  3. Girl, when do you find time to do all this stuff? I'm in awe. I only have one kid, work PT from home, and don't have time for anything! I feel like I'm constantly playing catch up with cleaning, cooking, organizing... Have fun on your "flight"!

  4. LoVe the Blog!
    I remember the Fashion Goal and THE BROWN EYE/LIP liner!!!
    YOU are an AMAZING Mother, Worker, Wife, Crafter, and Now Blogger!
    Love you