Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Definition of Success

Everyone should have goals. I have goals as a Flighty Crafter, however with every new project they change...strange how that happens. Since crocheting is my latest and most successful venture I may be sticking with it for a long time. However, I have to say I have been considering whipping up some dog treats, especially since I now have 3 FREAKIN' dogs in my house. Who would have thunk it?? Especially since I consider myself a cat person - I have 2 of them...and a python and a large tortoise. What can I say my husband owns a pet store, it comes with the territory. I should start charging friends when they bring their kids over since my house is a petting zoo. There you have it folks my next craft is a petting zoo!! Just kidding, I love all my pets but I am drawing the line --------------   <-- There it is "THE LINE" I have drawn!

Back to my goals. Since I began crocheting I didn't start with goals or success in mind. I just started because I thought it would be fun - and it is!! My first goal I guess was to actually LEARN how to crochet. Check! Next goal: sell my hats to friends. Check! The next goal as you already know came from Noelle MacGregor (I think people deserve to get their props) who suggested I contact other photographers. Check! After that I really was just waiting to see what happened with the interested photographers. So now that I have had orders from 2 photographers Erin Carlyle and Alisa Murray, I feel personally satisfied. I think that the definition of success isn't so much about a monetary goal achieved as much as a feeling that you have. I feel successful since I have done more with my crocheting than I had thought I would. I just found out from Alisa yesterday that she is a national sponsor for the Babies R Us sweepstakes. She told me that she is going to be featuring my best stuff there. I just about died, I couldn't believe it. So even though it hasn't happened I feel like I have achieved success because I am happy where I am and where I am going. Who knows what great things will happen tomorrow but today I'm pretty happy with things. 

I'm looking forward to the challenges and the sense of accomplishment I will feel. It's exciting. I have a feeling that I am going to be pretty busy with the crocheting soon, I may have to scout of some friends to help me out!! Overall though it's a really great adventure so far and only better things are to come. Now I need a yummy margarita to celebrate!!

Here is a picture of something I am working on now. This picture is what it is GOING to look like. I will post pictures of my finished product when I finish. It's a large project.

And yes it is done by crocheting. Doesn't it look like real grass!!! I can't wait to finish and see what it looks like in person. 

Over & Out!

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