Monday, March 12, 2012

The Boobie Beanie

After seeing pictures of "The Boobie Beanie" out on the internet I decided I wanted to make one. I would like to thank Teresa - The Crochet Geek for posting the pattern so I could make one. I think it turned out pretty well.

The second reason I decided to make it (the first being it was so stinkin' cute and HILARIOUS!) is that nursing is one of the most natural things a woman can do. Especially these days with all of the hair coloring, artificial nails (GUILTY), Botox (you know who you are), fake tans, nips, tucks and whatever new thing they are inventing that WE JUST HAVE TO HAVE - hopefully it's piece of chocolate (or bread, or cupcake, or......) that disintegrates cellulite leaving you with a Victoria's Secret body. Hmmm maybe THAT is Victoria's Secret - a mysterious candy that leaves you looking AWESOME!!! YEAH RIGHT!!!

Back to the breastfeeding thing. I nursed my two children. Not as long as some people do, my mother-in-law in particular. Who has 9 kids and nurses them until they are 4 or 5??? I can't even fathom that. My oldest son is 4 1/2 and there is no way he climbing up on my lap to be fed. But to each his own. I do think that it's every woman's right to nurse their child as long as they see fit.....within reason.....hopefully!! I was only able to nurse my daughter for a month but she has turned out just fine...except for that weird twitch. KIDDING!!! She's a great eater and although she can be a little picky (like her Mommy) at least she eats and according to her pediatrician is well above average (once again - like her Mommy).

Although I didn't have the balls (or should I say boobs) to nurse in public, I applaud all those women who do. That tells me that you put your child first....even before your fear of weirdo gawkers.

On the other hand though, to these same women: Please don't look offended if people look at you. Feel free if they STARE or say something inappropriate. But for most people it's  a shock to see a women have it whipped out there even though the Rated - R part of it is covered by a ravenous sweet baby. I think it's great to breastfeed and even in public if that's where you are and you're baby is hungry. Common courtesy is certainly appreciated, especially if you are a "nurse my baby until he's in college" mommy and there are young children near by. That's the last thing I would want to have to explain to my 3 and 4 year olds. It's bad enough they want to constantly ask me questions about my privates I don't want them getting any bright ideas that I have become a food source......again. 

I would say a good rule of thumb is: If they can write their name they are too old unless you get one of those prodigy children that does that sort of thing at 6 months. In that case your baby probably won't need to nurse since she will no doubt be able to drive to the store for some milk since she has discovered that cold cow's milk goes WAY better with Lucky Charms!! If you do have one of those children that is exponentially smarter than everyone else's kid, just know that no one is giving you the evil eye because of your public feeding session. We loathe you on a much deeper level! 

**Breast is Best**

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