Friday, September 21, 2012

Liking the Facebook Page

What did we do before Facebook? I don't remember and I don't care!! The point is we have it now and there is no turning back! I want to make sure that all of you that come to my blog have also "liked" my Facebook page. I plan on doing a lot more giveaways, many of which will be custom pieces that you decide on. So if you are reading this and haven't liked the page WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???

Like my Facebook page and make sure to post on my wall or comment on posts if there is something you would like to see me create a pattern for or custom make for you or a friend. 

The time for costumes is around the corner, if you would like something custom please message me on FB or comment below so you can get your products in time. 

Thanks and GET TO LIKING!! 

Happy Hooking!!

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