Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Beanies for Preemies

Well as you know by now I am always dabbling in something. I like to try new things and I like to make people happy. There are so many people out there less fortunate and I always want to make sure that I never forget that. I really try to teach my kiddos the same thing because how else are they going to learn when they are blessed to be healthy and have a good home. Not always clean but still a good home. Hey you can't have everything, right?? 

I recently joined a group that crochets for cancer patients. The organizer of the group has connections with an oncologist office and they donate their chemo caps and other items to the patients there. I thought that was a great thing to do but I always like to try something a little different so I came up with my own idea. Thus was born:


For those of you that know me you know that I love coming up with awesome names for stuff. This one just fell out of my mouth when I was describing to someone what my next project would be. And since it rhymes it's PERFECT!!! So I'm going to assume that any of you that read my blog can guess what this project entails but just to clarify a little more, I plan on crocheting beanies for the tiny sweet babies that are in the NICU at the new Texas Children's Hospital they just built out here in West Houston. I am so grateful to have had two perfectly healthy beautiful children (they get all that good stuff from me of course). However, there are so many people that aren't as fortunate and their babies are battling for their lives as soon as they enter the world. Not only that the parents aren't even to take their new bundle of joy home. Some are even less fortunate and are unable to even hold their baby. As a mother who never had that hardship I can't even fathom the torture they must go through. 

But since everyone likes gifts even those that are distraught I thought what better than to crochet some little beanies for the sweet angels in the NICU so that their parents have one less thing to worry about and hopefully it will also lift their spirits in some small way. So after searching for some preemie patterns I found a couple of cute ones I am going to use.

The ones above were patterns I found on Alli Crafts Blog and I really appreciate her sharing her adorable patterns for free. I also like the cute embellishments she adds. I plan on doing a lot of that myself. I found a super cute bird applique I plan to use.

Oh I just love the cute things you can make with a hook and a little yarn. I also found a couple of other hats I plan to make as well and I want to thank Lullaby Lamb for her adorable pattern as well.

Just look at those sweet faces. Now I know why people steal babies. Just kidding that is VERY WRONG!! Babies are adorable but stealing them is frowned upon. Bummer because that would mean no more labor. But who am I kidding I more than have my hands full!!! 

So once I get these beanies made I will take pictures. Hopefully I can get some pictures of the preemies in the beanies which would be so touching!! I can't wait to start crocheting my heart out for these sweet little ones. 

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