Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Boredom....WHAT IS THAT????

It's a warm sunny day and I am at home with nothing to do. I desperately wish one of my friends was free to do something. All I can think about it how BORED I am. Ugh what a horrible feeling!!

Fast forward a couple years later......ok 10 years. Ugh how time flies and how it must be showing on my once teenage skinned face. Anyway I will mope later. So fast forward and I have since been married and had 2 WONDERFUL kids (until they start whining which now seems like every 5 seconds).  The days of being home and aching for something to do have long since floated away (taking my beautiful teenage skin with it). I now only understand boredom like I do with any other myth like alien abduction: Enough people claim to have experienced it so it must be true, right??

Here's the truth: Teenagers and Men (especially Husbands) experience boredom. For all of us WOMEN and MOTHERS there exists no such thing. In fact we have what I will call Reverse Boredom or RB. RB is an epidemic that there is no cure for. The only cure would be more time in a day or a clone. Neither of these have yet to have happened.

Hello my name is Amber and I suffer from RB. I wake up and hit the ground running. Why you ask? Well because there is no other option (or so we have molded ourselves to believe). I work full time because it's necessary to provide well for my family. I do stuff with other moms so that my kids can play and so I can have some time to chat with other moms. I crochet because I enjoy it and because it also makes me a little spendin' cash. I do a million other things but I'm too busy to list them all....DUH!!!!

Anyway I basically need to stop sleeping or start working part time so I can fit my life into my life!! Crazy how that happens. Oh how I miss the teenage boredom days sometimes. Ok well I am off to find something else to do since I seem to have a problem keeping still. RB is a severe condition that is only suppressed with a margarita or some other yummy ADULT beverage!! Now I want one - GOTTA GO!!!

Talk to you soon!!

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